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At Kristy's Smoke Shop, our goal is to not only help you find the most rich, flavorful cigar  that fits your seasoned smoke palette, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We are a full-service smoke shop with a wide range of quality Tobacco products. We can help you with all your tobacco products desires from Cigars,pipes,Hookahs,cigarettes,e-cigarettes,Vaporizers,and much,much more.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. We have over 20 years of loyal service to our customers as well as the Deer Park,N.Y community 

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1836 Deer Park Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729

(631) 595-9780

The Hookah's origin traces back to India. It surfaced in the form we know it as today around the 15th Century when Indian Glass manufacturing began as a result of the exporting of glass to India through the British East India Company. The glass base was called Shisha. Its mystique spread to Iran where special strong, flavorless tobacco was used with it called "Ajami". It rose to fame under the Ottoman Empire's rule around the time of Murat V in 1623-1640. The sultans of the age took portraits with their Nargiles and it became a status symbol of the time. It was smoked after royal dinners and at diplomatic meetings.

Hookahs are known around the world by many different names, such as a water pipe, nargeela/nargile/narghile/nargileh, argeela/arghileh, shisha/sheesha, okka, kalyan, or ghelyoon or ghalyan. Many of these names are of Arab, Somalian, Indian, Ethiopian, Turkish, Uzbek, or Persian origin.

Shisha, a synonym for Hookah, is from the Persian word shishe, literally translated as glass and not bottle. It is more commonly used in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

Many in the U.S. tend to refer to the tobacco smoked from a hookah as "shisha." This incorrect use of the term derived from the use of slang in the Middle East, where it is common to request a "flavored shisha" which means a Hookah with flavored tobacco.